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name ~> lenard
abbre ~> engie, tamus...
marital status ~> single
age ~> 19
height ~> 5'8 kua
weight ~> 57 kg
chest ~> dunno
waist ~> 29 inches
hips ~> tak tahu
zod ~> pisces (nemo)
dob ~> 15th march 1985
pob ~> pantai hospital kl
habitat ~> drains of hb2
home ~> sj
uni ~> mmu cyber
faculty ~> foe
course ~> electronics
major ~> tele
location ~> hb2

hmm wat is there to say about myself.... well, guess i'm jes a typical guy wit maybe a slightly twisted fashion sense.. i dunno, i prefer 2 look at it as my individuality... others see it as plain wierd i guess =P i've shifted houses quite a few times... b4 i wuz born, my parents lived in cheras, then they moved 2 dj sumtime after i wuz borned... when i wuz about 6-7 yrs, we moved again 2 ss14, sj... and 17yrs old, moved yet again 2 ss18, sj... well waddaya know, another move is coming soon, to bkt jelutong ^-^ hmm, basic interests include sports like basketball, football, badminton... indoors i guess it's futsal... other activites like pool are cool... always wanted 2 become a breaker but nvr really had the guts 2 do all those bone breaking things... but equally i'm in bike riding, though not as crazy as most, nvr had a real serious fall or anythin... had stupid falls ler, but not serious =PpP as everyone has done, been in and out of love quite a few times... looking back at things, it always seeems tat when we meet a person, we always think we're in love and all, but after everything, suddenly u realize tat it wasn't love... hmmm sumhow i still don't know how 2 tell whether it's real love when i'm in the emotions of it... guess it'll come in due time =) studyin in cyber now... it's not as bad ere as i thought it would b loL~ hmm, i wonder who reads this crap... oh yeah i do have a blog on this site, if u wanna know wat this lame-ass person of me does, den keep in tune wit it.. yeah.. i'm a christian 2 man, jes thought i'd point it out here... it's not a religion, it's a relationship =P