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yo peepZ~!! counting... this is my 4th website =P hopefully this 1 will last a lot longer than the previous ones... now it's not abt celebZ, not abt friends... it's abt ME~!! muahahahah... still in beta version, very lacking in content... anythin u wanna c on this page, tell me yeah? u know how 2 get in touch wit me =P


yoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyoyoyooyo~~~ 2nd update =PpP hehe this seems 2 b working out just fine... hehe got 2 comments from 2 galZ, yeah pics i'm working on it... yeah, now there's a blog page courtesy of =) more pics in the pics section ^-^ and now there's a REAL nemo and marlin pic on the opening page.... yeah, more updates 2 come, keep yer comments rolling in y'all....


it's xmas eve~~~ and i'm stuck in melaka =( how sad man.... sigh oh well, digital camera has been returned 2 me aunt so no recent pics for the time being =/ hmmm.... teq specz has been updated, LAME-O answer finally out~~ this is wat u've been waiting for anirtak~!! saddening, y are they so few comments on me site? hehe is it tat good? wargHhHhH~~~~ wrote sum lyrics not too long ago, not complete though, feel free 2 comment... or email ^-^ still haven't figured out how 2 make a bulletin board =PpP guess tat's abt it.... keep on coming back y'all~~ i know u want too (>_<)


yaY~ 1st update of the year 2004... 1 month late i reckon... tsk tsk tsk oh well, at least i'm doing it now rite? hehe... added sum real 'old' pics... from my old webbie, coz they said they were gonna throw my site away coz i wasn't updating it =/ so it's in the pics section... hehe, still handphone-less tho =/ thx for the loads of comments left in the blog page... although i think onli abt 5 ppl tune into this page =/ well this is for the 5 loyal ppl of this site~!!!! hehe more 2 come in the future manZ... wait til i get my own camera =D oh yeah answer to LAME-O will b coming out in the next update =) and there's a new quote added 2 'famous quotes by friends' ^-^


afta being MIA, actually jes plain lazy.. i finally updated tis webbie of mine~! hehe but i've been postin on me blog quite frequently ler.. wuz jes editing d look of me blog page n suddenly i got all gang ho 2 change d look of my webbie.. yeah i'm still keeping the nemo theme =) hehe well i got lotsa comments abt how my webbie wuz very scattered n confusin.. so now here's an organised version of me webbie~ hehe, added sum pictures in d pictures sections (duH~) but took off sum pictures which i thought were useless to... new quotes 2 tat movin text thingy above tis update report, hmm leona got quite a few quotes eh?? loL~ site still pretty empty compared 2 wat i envisioned it 2 b =/ oh well, in due time.. in due time.. whole site changed... pics page currently not working (i still need 2 sleep) now clickin on any links on the 'pics' page will lead 2 an error... will repair in next update okie? =)

yeah... so free in this weekend sunday in cyber tat i decided 2 speed up me updating process and upload the pics in the pics page =P well, i think tat's about all i did.. yeah wanna thank the ppl tat posted 2 my guestbook so fast... dedication goes out 2 jo-s, wuss number1... wat is this wuss? i'm wuss number 3~!! luvin is wuss number 2... aihZ, u studying too much wit su be til u forgot ady izzit? sight, joash u let me down man... loL~ yeah there's this post in me guestbook, dunno who jes rite 'somebody' as the name... wat is this man? rite ler ur name, den at least i can thank u for the post rite?? hehe well, 2 answer ur question since i can't email u, yeah i have a few more lyrics, will post them up in due time ^-^ so wait patiently yeah??