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name ~> lenard
abbre ~> engie, tamus...
zod ~> pisces (nemo)
habitat ~> drains of hb2
uni ~> mmu cyber

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famous quotes from friends ~~~ "u wanna dieeeeeeeee?" -amanda- "i'm the pro" -affryl- "my nipples are good for ulcers" -luvin- "my pockets are falling down" -leona- "your dog come to my house and ur dog kicked my daughter" -leona- "it's all cool" -me-



6th June 2004

yeah... so free in this weekend sunday in cyber tat i decided 2 speed up me updating process and upload the pics in the pics page =P well, i think tat's about all i did.. yeah wanna thank the ppl tat posted 2 my guestbook so fast... dedication goes out 2 jo-s, wuss number1... wat is this wuss? i'm wuss number 3~!! luvin is wuss number 2... aihZ, u studying too much wit su be til u forgot ady izzit? sight, joash u let me down man... loL~ yeah there's this post in me guestbook, dunno who jes rite 'somebody' as the name... wat is this man? rite ler ur name, den at least i can thank u for the post rite?? hehe well, 2 answer ur question since i can't email u, yeah i have a few more lyrics, will post them up in due time ^-^ so wait patiently yeah??

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